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Key benefit

Masculinized features

Treatment time

45-60 minutes



Back to work



6-12 months

Masculinization Signature Package: Unlock Your Masculine Potential

Are you seeking a more defined and chiselled masculine appearance? Our Masculinization Package is designed to enhance your facial features, focusing on cheek, chin, and jawline augmentation. Discover the transformative effects of this comprehensive treatment package tailored for those looking to embody a more rugged and defined look.


Embrace the power of a more defined and masculine appearance with our Masculinization Package.

Cheek Filler: Sculpted Definition 

Cheek filler is strategically administered to add volume and definition to your cheekbones. This not only accentuates facial contours but also provides a more robust and structured appearance, contributing to an overall masculine aesthetic.

Chin Filler: Strengthen Your Profile 

A well-defined chin is a key element of a masculine face. Our chin filler treatment is precisely crafted to enhance chin projection, symmetry, and overall balance. Achieve a stronger profile that exudes confidence and masculinity.

Jawline Filler: Sharp and Defined 

The jawline is a crucial aspect of facial masculinity. Our jawline filler treatment focuses on creating a sharper and more defined jawline. By adding volume and contouring the jaw, this procedure enhances your facial structure, providing a sculpted and powerful look.


Why Choose Our Masculinization Package?

Our experienced doctors bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and precision to each treatment, ensuring optimal outcomes while prioritizing your safety and satisfaction.

  • Personalized Approach: Each treatment is tailored to your unique facial anatomy and desired outcome.
  • Experienced Doctors: Our skilled practitioners specialize in facial aesthetics, ensuring a safe and effective experience.
  • Natural Results: We prioritize a natural and balanced look, enhancing your features without compromising authenticity.

Book Your Masculinization Treatment

Schedule a consultation with our experienced practitioners to embark on a journey towards enhanced facial features, confidence, and self-assurance. Unleash your true masculine potential with us.



What types of treatments are typically included in your signature packages?

Our signature packages encompass a variety of cosmetic procedures, including anti-wrinkle treatment, dermal filler, and skin boosters.

How flexible is the selection of treatments within a package?

We prioritize individualized care. While packages offer pre-designed combinations, we provide flexibility for clients to customize treatments based on their unique needs and aesthetic goals.

Are there any promotions available for purchasing signature packages or combining services?

We strive to offer competitive and comprehensive pricing to ensure exceptional value for our clients. One of way doing this is by offering treatments as part of a package, which enables us to offer our clients better deals. Refer to the “Fees” page for more information. The listed prices serve as a guide; the final cost completely depends on the number of treatments and volume required.

How do you determine the suitability of a treatment package for an individual's specific needs?

Our experienced team conduct thorough consultations to assess each client’s goals, skin type, and preferences. Based on this assessment, we recommend or tailor treatment packages to ensure they are well-suited to individual requirements.

How do you ensure that the chosen treatments in a package complement each other for optimal results?

Our experienced team carefully curate treatment combinations within each package to ensure synergy and enhance overall results. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and harmonious approach to aesthetic enhancement.

Can I book a signature package without consulting first?

Our website is intended to be an informative resource to self-empower our clients and guide their decision regarding their chosen treatments. Signature packages and other treatments can be booked online; however, your suitability will be assessed during your consultation, at which point alternative treatments may be recommended if more appropriate.

Will I have all the treatments on one day?

No. Depending on your package, treatments may need to be separated and performed on different days. Our experienced team will provide you with a treatment plan following your consultation.

Dr Hass
Dr Hass