Jowls / Sagging Skin

Jowls / Sagging Skin


Jowls, often a natural part of the aging process, are pockets of sagging skin and fat that form along the lower jawline and cheeks.

These pesky signs of aging can be particularly bothersome to many individuals as they contribute to an aged or tired appearance. Jowls can result from a combination of factors, including skin elasticity loss, gravity’s effects on facial tissues, and genetic predisposition.

Jowls / Sagging Skin

While they are a common concern, there are various non-surgical and surgical options available to address jowl, from minimally invasive treatments like dermal fillers and the Nefertiti neck lift, to more extensive procedures like facelifts.

Understanding the causes and exploring the range of solutions can empower individuals to make informed choices about rejuvenating their appearance and achieving a more youthful look. Consult one of our experienced doctors for personalized advice and support.

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