Square Wide Jaw

Square/Wide Jaw


A square jaw in women, often characterized by its well-defined and angular shape, is a feature that can enhance one’s facial structure and exude strength and confidence.

While traditionally associated with masculine aesthetics, many women embrace and celebrate this unique facial trait, as it can add a striking and distinctive allure to their appearance. Square jaws in women are a testament to the diverse range of beauty standards, proving that there is no one-size-fits-all definition of attractiveness.

Square Wide Jaw

Beauty is about individuality and self-expression, and a square jaw can be a powerful aspect of a woman’s identity, contributing to her overall charm and charisma. 

Fortunately, those who are interested in a slimmer jaw can consider treatment with Botox to reduce the width of their jaw. Consult one of our experienced doctors for personalized advice and support.

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